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Play 'Em All Bri


You'll Reap What You Sow

The Chateaus

1959~WB 5071
Love Wouldn't Mean a Thing

The Kodoks

1961~Wink 1006
The Stars Are Out Tonight

The Tear Drops

1954~Josie 766
  Plea In The Moonlight


1986~Joyce 106

(prev unrel)

  I Make This Pledge (To You)

The Chanters

1961~De Luxe 6191
The Love Nest

Twin Tunes Quintet

1957~RCA 1046
  Watching You

The Crystals

1959~Cub 9064
Symbol Of Heaven

Little Julian Herrera

1957~Dig 137
Please Say You'll Be Mine


1957~Acme 109
Betty My Own

Tony Maresca &The Dynamics

1962~Herald 569
I Give My Heart To You

The Accents

1959~Brunswick 55123
Wish That You Were Here

The Casual Crescendos

1963~MRC 12001
  Stars In The Sky

The Channels

1960~Port 70017
It's You

The Plants

1957~J & S 1602
  Devil That I See

The Penguins

1955~Mercury 70703
If I Should Lose You


1962~End 1114
  If My Heart Could Write A Letter

The Crests

1960~Coed 535
  Whoever You Are

The Chantels

1958~End 1015
  Alphabet Of Love

The Suburbans

1959~Port 70011
Summer Night

The Chimes

1960~Tag 444


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