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  First Star

The Tabs

1959~Dot 15887
My Very Own

The Bluedots

1959~Hurricane 104
My Promise To You

The Capris

1959~Sabre 201
  I Believe


1960~Lano 2001
I'll Never Let You Down

The Delacardos

1959~Elgey 1001

The Griffins

1955~Mercury 70650
Here In My Arms

Little Julian Herrera

1957~Dig 137
Your Love

The Mighty Jupiters

1958~Warner 1020
To Hold Your Love

King Cobras

1959~Irvanne 117
  My Darling

The Tabbys

1959~Time 1008
Starlight Tonight

The Inspirators

1958~Old Town 1053

Little June & His Januarys

1963~Salem 188
  Please Say You Do

The Victorians

1958~Selma 1002
How Old Must I Be

Bob Knight Four

1961~Laurel 1020

The Elgins

1958~MGM 12670
I'll Be True

Johnny Maestro & The Tymes

1963~Popular Request 103
Since I Don't Have You

The Skyliners

1958~Calico 103
  Your Reason

The Tads

1956~Liberty Bell 9010
  Sincerely With All My Heart

The Deckers

1958~Yeadon 1041
  If I Didn't Care

The Chateaus

1959~WB 5043


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