Play 'Em All Bri


Everybody's Laughing At Me

The Ravons

1962~Yucca 142
Our Love Can Never Be

Buddy Bennett & Margilators

1958~Blue Moon 409
I Need You

The Haff-Tones

1964~Twilight 3476
Winter Blue

The Cupcakes

1964~Diamond 177
  Way Up

Lincoln Figg & The Dates

1958~Worthy 1006
On My Honor

The Hearts

1960~Chancellor 1057
Wedding Bells

The Paragons

1960~Musicraft 1102
How Can You Treat Me This Way

The Magic Tones

1953~King 4681
I Stand Alone

Nick Cardell

1964~Amcan 405
  I Can't Understand It

The Voxpoppers

1959~Versailles 200
  Long Time Alone

Sylvester Stewart

1961~G & P 901
Lonely Nights

King Crooners

1959~Hart 1002
Kiss Me Tenderly

Lincoln Figg & Dates

1958~Worthy 1006
I Love You, I Really Do

The Tantones

1957~Lamp 2002
No More Tears

The Girl Friends

1963~Melic 4125
  Where Are You


1951~Robin 105
My Plea For Love

The Starlings

1954~Josie 760

The Paragons

1958~Winley 227
  You Just Say The Word

The Magnets

1964~Groove 0058
  Back Home Again

Goldie & The Escorts

1963~Coral 62372


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