Play 'Em All Bri


Before You Fall In Love

The Ballads

1956~Franwil 5028
Lonely Summer

Four Buddies

1963~Power 16
Tell Me Little Girl

The Spices

1958~Carlton 480
Love, Love, Love

The Clovers

1956~Atlantic 1094
My Heart Stood Still


1964~WB 5450
No Need For Crying

Ricki Pal

1958~Arwin 115
Now You Know(I Love You So)

The Channels

1956~Whirlin Disc 100
If You Should Leave Me

The Sinceres

1961~Richie 545
My Heart Beats Faster

The El Venos

1957~Vik 0305
Hearts Desire

The Avalons

1958~Unart 2007
Oh Yes I'll Be True

The Sensations

1961~Cadet 5405
Hey, Doll Baby

The Clovers

1956~Atlantic 1083
That's All

The Casanovas

1955~Apollo 471


I Miss You


1962~End 1114
Dance With Me

The Chaperones

1960~Josie 880
When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano

The Wildwoods

1960~Caprice 101
Teardrop Eyes

The Dukes

1956~Imperial 5401
Cryin' Over You

The Cruisers

1960~V-Tone 213
Strange As It Seems

The Lovers

1961~Keller 101
Night After Night

Young Lads

1963~Felice 712


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