PLAY Come Back To Me Ambitions
PLAY Heaven Sent You Arabians
PLAY My Love Is Real Dappers
PLAY Lenora Corvets
PLAY My Pillow Darlings
PLAY Help Me Del-Chords
PLAY I Will Never Forget Del-Larks
PLAY Married Too Soon Gaynotes
PLAY Before You Go Gladys Caine & Group
PLAY On My Honor Hearts
PLAY If It's The Last Thing I Do Jerry Cooper & Group
PLAY Sea Of Love Katie Webster
PLAY The Time Seven Dwarfs
PLAY If Love Was Money Tony Allen & Wonders
PLAY If You Only Knew Teddy Bears
PLAY Tonight Jimmy Jones & Pretenders
PLAY My One Possession Arabians
PLAY A Fool Ballads
PLAY Baby Doll 5 Gents
PLAY Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Allures
PLAY Wonderful Mother Dappers
PLAY Little Flirt Cosytones
PLAY Darling Debteens
PLAY Teenage Love Barry Darvel & Blazers
PLAY What Good Is Dreaming Beachcombers
PLAY Sometimes (When I'm All Alone) Da-Prees
PLAY Starlight Starbright Fabulous Blends
PLAY Waiting In The Chapel Gaynotes
PLAY Please, Please Darling Henry Clement
PLAY Oh My Love Shirley Savage & Wig Wags


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