PLAY I Don't Stand A Chance Vancetones
PLAY Stars In The Sky Dreamairs
PLAY Everybody's Somebody's Fool Eddie & The Embers
PLAY My Darling Denise & The Elites
PLAY Declaration Of Love Envoys
PLAY Goodnight Exotics
PLAY Cameo Interludes
PLAY May I Have This Dance Four Graduates
PLAY It Takes Two To Fall In Love Mighty Jupiters
PLAY Linda Nick & The Nacks
PLAY How Much Never Meet Agains
PLAY Storm Riffs
PLAY Better Him Than Me Royal Knights
PLAY Jimmy Socialites
PLAY Love No One But You Teddy Grabel & The Raindrops
PLAY I Dreamed Tommy Tomorrow & The Yesterdays
PLAY Looking For Jeannie Valairs
PLAY Tell Me Your Dreams Virgil & The Vitones
PLAY It Happened So Fast Admirations
PLAY Winner Takes All Allumes
PLAY Don't Take The Stars Bernie Knee & Group
PLAY Rain Demolyrs
PLAY Lost Love Dematrons
PLAY Dreamland Dennie & The Dreamaires
PLAY Those Precious Words Interludes
PLAY It's All Over Again Savoys
PLAY That's My Desire Sherwoods
PLAY Echo Skip Balager & Group
PLAY Where There's A Will Riffs
PLAY Wendy You're Mine Emanons
PLAY You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover Tommy Tomorrow & The Yesterdays
PLAY Springtime Envoys


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