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PLAY Never Kempy & The Guardians
PLAY His Name Is Tommy Nocturnals
PLAY Why Did You Go Flints
PLAY A Prayer Of Love Frank Motley & Group
PLAY Good Googely Woo Frankie Tucker & Group
PLAY It Must Be Love Fred Bridges & Group
PLAY I Love You, I Do Freddie Willis
PLAY You Must Be An Angel Gainors
PLAY Tommy Gales
PLAY I'll Long For Her Love Nocturnals
PLAY My Offering Gallahads
PLAY Walk Beside Him Gay Charmers
PLAY Is It Love Johnny Firestone & Group
PLAY Hey Girl Knightbeats
PLAY My One Sincere Lenny Welch
PLAY I've Waited So Long Sharmeers
PLAY Springtime Envoys
PLAY Can't Tell My Heart What To Do Frankie Ford
PLAY Keeper Of Dreams Gallahads
PLAY Summer Night Love Gates
PLAY Over The Ocean Flints
PLAY Cameo Interludes
PLAY Meet Me At The Crossroads Nancy Lee & The Tempo Tones
PLAY Declaration Of Love Envoys
PLAY I See A Star Roulettes
PLAY I Know Futuretones
PLAY Maybe Bobby Pedrick
PLAY Cross My Heart Dean & Gene
PLAY The Girl In My Dreams Four Lovers
PLAY This Is My Story Javier Batiz


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