PLAY I Won't Cry Anymore Visuals
PLAY Judy (I Love You So) Sounds
PLAY Don't Take Your Love Sensations
PLAY Winter Blue Cupcakes
PLAY Star Of Love Ebbtides
PLAY Together Blue Angels
PLAY My Falling Star Dave & The Cardigans
PLAY It Took A Long Time Del Airs
PLAY They May Not Like Me Jimmy Royster & Group
PLAY Now You Tell Me Kooltones
PLAY Cross My Heart Little Milton & Group
PLAY Never Ever Masterettes
PLAY A Week From Sunday Miss Frankie Nolan bb Ebbtides
PLAY To Be Alone Parliaments
PLAY Only You Renaults
PLAY Rainbow Of Love Rod Prince & Group
PLAY This Is The End Twisters
PLAY Surrender Kings
PLAY Breaker Of Dreams Johnny Mann & Tornados
PLAY Here Comes My Baby Five Kings
PLAY Seven Lonely Days Gwen Taylor & Group
PLAY Wish It Could Be Me Johnny Saber & Group
PLAY Time Gives Me Pleasure Saucers
PLAY I'll Be Seeing You In My Dreams Gardenias
PLAY The Greatest Of Them All Demens
PLAY Miss Lonely Hearts Deb-Tones
PLAY Lonely Girl Centuries
PLAY I'll Play Along Bracelets
PLAY It's Such A Good Night For Love Art Robinson & Group
PLAY It's Better That You Love Cardigans


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