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A Love Of My Own Capris
She's My Girl Capris
Some People Think Capris
That's How Love Goes Capris
There's A Moon Out Again Capris
Tonight I'm So In Love Capris
Oh, Darlin' Capris
You Are Capris
Love Poems(unrl) Capris
Morse Code Of Love Capris
This Is Romance(unrl) Capris
Where I Fell In Love Capris
Till Capris
The Way I Love(unrl) Capris
Why Do I Cry Capris
Boy Meets Girl
Darling(Demo~unrl) Capris
I Kinda Like You(unrl) Capris
Guardian Angel Capris
To Be Loved(Forever) Capris
Stars In The Sky(unrl) Capris
Tears In My Eyes Capris
Imagine Capris
That Girl In My Heart(unrl) Capris
It Happened This Time Last Year(unrl) Capris



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