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PLAY Untrue Love Bobbettes
PLAY Goodnight Castlestones
PLAY Dream Of Romance Lincolns Quintet
PLAY I'm Not Pretending Tommy Frederick & Hi Notes
PLAY Mark My Words Co-Eds
PLAY Dance A Little Closer Lover Boy & group
PLAY I Love You So Swans
PLAY The Ballad Of Angel Bobby Swanson & Sonics
PLAY When You Dance Billy Storm & Group
PLAY Sometime Somewhere Lincolns
PLAY Louise Morry Williams & The Kids
PLAY Kingdom Of Love Preludes
PLAY Run Betty Run Van Dykes
PLAY The Dream Bobbettes
PLAY Party Line Lovers
PLAY I Don't Know Misfits
PLAY Don't Fall In Love Too Soon Preludes
PLAY Everybody's Laughing Ravons
PLAY Saturday Romance Tony Dee & The Pageants
PLAY Heaven Alcoves
PLAY Help Me Del-Chords
PLAY My Fragile Heart Five Embers
PLAY Wonderful Mother Dappers
PLAY I Hear The Rain Kingsfive
PLAY Oh, Please Love Me Dimaz Garza & The Lyrics
PLAY Down Marveliers
PLAY There'll Be No Goodbye Five Delights
PLAY Battle Of Love Ripples
PLAY My Very Own Bluedots
PLAY Believe In Me Swans


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