Play 'Em All Bri


Try Me One More Time Four Bars
Chancing My Love Cuff Linx
I Love You I Do Freddie Willis
I'm Pretending Jades
Give Me Your Heart Madison Brothers
Maybe It's Wrong Rainbeaus
My Very Own Bluedots
I Need A Girl Bobby Hatfield
I've Had You Creators
Boy Meets Girl Delprados
Lynn Rhythm Stars
Mystery Of Love Sonny Flaherty
I'd Like To Say Suburbans
Speak Of Love Swingin' Hearts
White Rose Travelers
In The Still Of The Night Tony Dell
Tell Me Why Marie Knight
When They Ask About You Jades
United Jive Five
My Love Will Never Change Grady Chapman
Darling I Love You Deckers
Things To Remember Ernie Farmer
False Love Strollers
All I Want Is You Accents

How Long Must A Fool Go On Guides


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