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PLAY I Won't Cry Anymore Visuals
PLAY Judy Sounds
PLAY Treasure In My Heart Joey & The Ambers
PLAY Lonely Is The Night Ozzie Osborne & Group
PLAY Winter Blue Cupcakes
PLAY If I Give My Heart To You Freddie & The Quantrills
PLAY Rainy Day Bells Globetrotters
PLAY To Be Alone Parliaments
PLAY Lovable Girl Butlers
PLAY The Duchess Of Earl Dream Girls
PLAY Please(Give Me A Little Love) Lou Martino & Group
PLAY Look At Me Four Pearls
PLAY Sweet Annie Laurie Sammy Turner & The Twisters
PLAY Time Gives Me Pleasure Velvetones
PLAY Cross My Heart Little Milton & Group
PLAY I Want To Know Ladders
PLAY Sweet Surrender Bobby Page & The Riff Raffs
PLAY Swingin' Wedding Visions
PLAY Three Steps From The Altar Shep & The Limelites
PLAY I Want You Right Now Parakeets
PLAY Baby Caribbeans
PLAY I'll Be Seeing You Five Satins
PLAY The Loudness Of My Heart Gay Knights
PLAY I'm Old Enough Schoolboys
PLAY I Will Never Forget Del-Larks


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