Play 'Em All Bri


PLAY After I Propose Keystoners
PLAY Forget Me Larks
PLAY Two Kinds Of People Lucky Clark
PLAY My First And Last Romance Suburbans
PLAY Remember Me Tangiers
PLAY You've Broken My Heart Terri & The Velveteens
PLAY Baby It's Me Clouds
PLAY Unseen Vernon Green & Medallions
PLAY My Love Will Follow You Continental Gems
PLAY My Broken Heart Teenagers
PLAY Love's Our Inspiration Charms
PLAY Waiting For My Baby Forte's
PLAY I'll Always Remember Keystoners
PLAY It's Love, It's Love Champions
PLAY Baby Baby(I Still Love You) Cinderellas
PLAY If I Give My Heart To You Freddie & Quantrils
PLAY Let Me Be You're Girl Rosie & Originals
PLAY Chapel In The Moonlight Jimmy & Fabulous Earthquakes
PLAY My Very Own Bluedots
PLAY Tell Me Today Cadillacs
PLAY Play By The Rules Of Love Cavaliers
PLAY Cry, Cry, Cry Earls
PLAY Wonderland Carribians
PLAY Story Teenettes
PLAY Blue Island Rannels


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