Play 'em all bri


Only One Love Cufflinks
For Eternity Vicky Diaz & Group
Everyone Was There But You Ginny Michaels & Group
Tick A Tick A Tock Harbor Lights
Pitter Patter Five Fleets
Keep Listening To Your Heart Carter Rays
Troubles Not At End Cupids
Just Words Cosmo & The Counts
Believe In Me Del Satins
Graduation Time Fabulous Blends
You Belong To Me Four-Evers
We Were Meant To Marry Maureen Gray
What Will The Outcome Be Al Lewis & Modernistics
To Be Alone Parliaments
I Guess I'll Be Viscaynes
You Are Sweeter Than Wine Valients
Come Home My Love Ferros
Have You Heard Herb Johnson & Cruisers
Starlight Tonight Inspirators
Soft And Sweet Al Reno & Selections
Oh My Maureen Gray
Since You've Been Gone Dreamers
I Guess You Don't Love Me Dynamics
Until I Die Fawns
Lorraine Del-Rays


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