PLAY A Love I Never Had Holidays 1960-Robbee-Unrl
PLAY Thinking Of You Paragons 1961-Tap-Unrl
PLAY Blue Day Maylon Humphries & The Raiders 1958-Mercury
PLAY How Long Will It Last Eddie Curtis & Group 1961-Parkway
PLAY Hello Mr Dream Man Fern Dee with Ted Tyle singers 1958-Ember
PLAY I've Cried Before Joe Villa & The Royal Teens 1960-Capitol-Unrl
PLAY Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart Rubies 1963-TNT
PLAY Please Won't You Call me Sonnets 1956-Herald
PLAY No Letter From You Stars 1959-OJ
PLAY I Hear The Angels Cry Joey & The Teenagers 1961-Columbia-Unrl
PLAY Just Another Date Galaxies 1962-Capitol-Unrl
PLAY Come On Home Becky & The Lollipops 1964-Troy
PLAY Why Don't You Jackie Leonard & The Aristocrats 1963-Lesley
PLAY With All My Heart Carmacks 1960-Autograph
PLAY To Ev'ry Girl, To Ev'ry Boy Bob Crewe & Group 1960-Warwick
PLAY I Love You Truly Hal Davis & Group 1959-Alden
PLAY Did You Ever Go Steady Tokens 1963-RCA-Unrl
PLAY Love Such As You Tones 1962-Elmore
PLAY Little Jeannie Lyle Weagel & The Townsmen 1960-Vanity
PLAY Street Of Memories Tyrones 1957-Mercury
PLAY So I Cried Videls 1960-JDS-Unrl
PLAY Wandering Viscounts 1962-Star-Fax
PLAY Dream Young Ideas 1959-Swan
PLAY A Look At A Star Duke Savage & The Arribians 1957-J.O.B-1 Copy Known
PLAY I Knew You When Flippers 1955-Flip-Unrl
PLAY Don't Stay Away Too Long Peggy Farmer with The Harptones 1959-Warwick-Unrl
PLAY Linda Loves Me Hoppers 1959-Valley's Meadowlark
PLAY Hey Little One Legends 1963-Capitol-Unrl
PLAY Pledging My Love Innocents 1962-Reprise-Unrl
PLAY Somewhere There's A Girl Tokens 1963-RCA-Unrl
PLAY The Shrine Carol King & The Palisades 1960-Leader
PLAY Don't Deceive Me Johnny Acey & Group 1963-Falew
PLAY I'm A Fool Little Joe & The Thrillers 1957-Okeh-Unrl
PLAY Doubtful Moonglows 1955-Chess-Unrl
PLAY Cinderella Blue Galaxies 1963-Capitol-Unrl


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