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PLAY Somewhere In My Life Mar-Vels
PLAY Try A Little Tenderness Zola Taylor & Group
PLAY If Someone Would Care Five Jades
PLAY Dear Someone Galaxies
PLAY Take It All In Your Stride Ravenettes
PLAY True Love Gone Vibraharps
PLAY Please Come Home Toronados
PLAY My Dreams Have Gone Johnny Ross & Group
PLAY Lullabye Serenade De-Los
PLAY My Days Are Blue Five Chances
PLAY Take A Look Arnells
PLAY I Met An Angel Tommy Bedwell & group
PLAY Keep The Magic Shirley Gee & The Halos
PLAY A Fool Is The One That Cries Rocelles
PLAY Wedding Bells Are Gonna Ring Gates
PLAY I'm The Richest One Of All Flo Fay & Group
PLAY I Do Believe Crystals
PLAY I Promise Bobolinks
PLAY I Love Only You Carl Carlton & Group
PLAY For Sentimental Reasons Montereys
PLAY To Each His Own Royal Drifters
PLAY You Went Away Syl Jones & Mighty Heartbreakers
PLAY Somebody To Watch Over Me Zola Taylor & Group
PLAY Love No One Bobby Hall & The Kings
PLAY Golly Gee Crystals
PLAY Crying Over You Continentals
PLAY Heaven Only Knows Donnie & The Dreamers
PLAY Take My Hand Centurys
PLAY Your Picture Buzzy King
PLAY So Blue Chuck Colbert


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