PLAY A Thousand Miles In My Path Chants
PLAY I Can't Believe Cliff Butler & The Lovers
PLAY Wake Up In The Morning Creations
PLAY Till I Come Home To You Dee Impulse
PLAY One Lonely Night Electronaires
PLAY Tic Toc Four Knights
PLAY Fortune Teller Freddy King & Group
PLAY Image Of Love Glens
PLAY Tell Me Idols
PLAY How Long Will It Last Joe Caldwell & Majestics
PLAY Give Me Your Heart Misfits
PLAY Don't Ever Leave Me Pyramiders
PLAY And I Cried Ralph Jerome
PLAY My Son Ray Frazier & The Sharps
PLAY Flame Of Love Rick & The Masters
PLAY Trembling Hand Royal Demons
PLAY Cutting Silhouettes Sandettes
PLAY Eternal Dreams Superiors
PLAY Take All Of Me Billy Kent & The Andantes
PLAY Lucky To Have Your Love By Standers
PLAY Teardrops Caravelles
PLAY Tell Me That You Love Me Cleve McDonald
PLAY It's All Over Danny Kent
PLAY Giving Up On Love Fabulous Fanatics
PLAY You Walked Out The Door Fran & Flo
PLAY Only One Girl Joe Musengale
PLAY Will She Agree To Go Steady Johnny Sablan
PLAY Would You Jules Savoy
PLAY Beware Toni & The Showmen
PLAY Bring Back Your Heart William Hines
PLAY Island Of Love 4 Uniques
PLAY Over The Rainbow Del Rons
PLAY Cherish My Love Glens
PLAY Please Coins
PLAY Steady Kind Persians
PLAY I'm Somebody's Love Billy Walkins


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