PLAY Ding Dong Champlains
PLAY Please Be My Guy Cleo & Crystaliers
PLAY Dream Boy Cordells
PLAY I'll Be Faithful Brooks Four
PLAY Tiny Blue Transistor Radio Connie Smith
PLAY She's My Angel Dahills
PLAY Cathy Dino & Ex-Teens
PLAY Angel Don Elliot
PLAY Natalie Dreamers
PLAY Symphony Of Love Frankie & The Fashions
PLAY The Only Girl For Me Intimates
PLAY I'm So Sorry Now Frank Fafara
PLAY June July & August Toni Dee
PLAY If You See Me Cry Tommy Lee
PLAY Baby, I love You So The Delteens & The Orbits
PLAY Don't Believe Him School Belles
PLAY Barbara Eddie Hickey
PLAY Cradle Of Love Ronnie Robyn
PLAY I'll Never Be A Dreamer Ray Scott
PLAY Donna, My Dear Plurals
PLAY Lollipop Lips Lollipops
PLAY Starving For Love Johnny Jack
PLAY He's Mine Alice Wonderland
PLAY Your Love Alvans
PLAY Lonely Art August
PLAY Tina Belangels
PLAY My Dream Clee-Shays
PLAY Girl In The Window Bobby Hart
PLAY Here Comes The Girl I love Billy Pitcock
PLAY The Fortune Teller Dale Ward
PLAY I Feel Great Glens
PLAY Wouldn't It Be Nice Johnny Rhythm
PLAY Street Of Love Troy Williams
PLAY You Stole Him Debra Lewis
PLAY Really Paradise Beautiggins
PLAY Lost Love Torrells


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