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PLAY Forever Fabulous Four
PLAY Teardrops Dickey Lee
PLAY Young Dreams Galens
PLAY Teenage Dreamworld Jimmy Bowen
PLAY Far Away At Sea Jimmy Mana
PLAY Thisaway Or Thataway Kendall Hayes
PLAY Your Name Shall Be Remembered John Gaudet & The Laurels
PLAY My Steady Lila & Ronnie
PLAY Dreaming Of An Angel Lou Crystal
PLAY Day After Day Mike Haskins With The Valeneers
PLAY My Lovely One Mike Konstan
PLAY Teenage Girl Paul Carruth
PLAY Will You Be The Same Tomorrow Christine Quaite
PLAY Only One For Me Billy Lynn
PLAY My Dream Bobby Webb
PLAY No One Can Make My Sunshine Ray Pilgrim & Mike Redway
PLAY My First Broken Heart Rhythm Steppers
PLAY Rainbow Girl Ricky Doran
PLAY Don't Let Him Roger Lewis
PLAY Last Night's Dream Ron & The Motions
PLAY Never Ever To Die Ronnie Dru
PLAY Hands Across The Sea Janice Harper
PLAY Baby Be Mine Jelly Beans
PLAY Back To School Blues Ronnie Byrd & The Hi-Liners
PLAY Emily Sonny Sinbad
PLAY Wishing Tokens
PLAY Magic Of A Dream Robins
PLAY Joining The Navy Karl Hammel Jr
PLAY Ghost Of Your Love Mike Bennett
PLAY So Young Little Guy & The Giants
PLAY Your Picture Buzzy King
PLAY I'm Gonna Be Another Man Bobby Capri & The Velvet Satins
PLAY Come Home Little Girl Bobby Curtola
PLAY Turning To You Ronnie Saxon
PLAY Say Hello To My Angel Collegiates


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