Play 'Em All Bri


PLAY Ridin' On A Rainbow Donnie Dean
PLAY Remember Me Anders & Poncia
PLAY Suzanne Bob Haydon & Group
PLAY Special Night Don Williams
PLAY I Want Him Joanne Engel
PLAY Second Chance Johnny Burnette
PLAY Summer Love Keith Loren
PLAY Wishing Ring Barbara Lantz
PLAY When You're Out Of School Barries
PLAY That Boy Is Messing Up My Mind Orchids
PLAY Where There's Love, There's Hope Ray Thomas
PLAY Promise Me Baby Sanford Clark
PLAY I Love Him Castanets
PLAY Donna's Friend Tom & Larry
PLAY School Time Vinny & Kenny
PLAY Without Your Love Wendy Hill
PLAY Yo Yo Girl Portraits
PLAY Another Mr. Blue Bob Loye & Group
PLAY I Wanna Love You Bobby Jameson
PLAY Long Way From Home Breakers
PLAY Your Tender Kiss Carol Fleming & Group
PLAY Dancin' And Cryin' Corals
PLAY I Got Troubles Frank Scheeren
PLAY Double Crossin' Sweetie Pie Janice Ward
PLAY Boys Do Cry Joe Bennet & Sparkletones
PLAY Dum Dum Dedip Judy & Affections
PLAY What I Did This Sunmmer Marcy Joe
PLAY What Makes Little Girls Cry Denny Diante
PLAY Angel Face Jimmy Darren
PLAY A Teenagers Prayer Linda Brannon
PLAY All Winter Long Sherry Starlyn
PLAY My Ding Dong Heart Terry Carlin
PLAY What Kind Of Girl Are You James Griffin
PLAY Irresistable Angels
PLAY I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear Ginny Arnell


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