Play 'Em All Bri


PLAY I'm So Ashamed Crescendos
PLAY I Wanna Be Your Lover Cascades
PLAY What A Fool Dal La Roc
PLAY How Long Darwin & The Cupids
PLAY Girl By My Side Inspirations
PLAY Jo Ann Impacts
PLAY I'll Go On Loving You Jamie Coe
PLAY My Baby Doll Key Brothers
PLAY Teen Years Ray Stevens & Group
PLAY Was It A Dream Royal Teens
PLAY How Would You Like Me To Love You Shevelles
PLAY A Kiss To Remember You By Susan Rafey
PLAY I Dream TA & The Chaperones
PLAY Sandy Svenne & Lotta
PLAY My Angel Viscount V
PLAY Dreamage Terri Cirell & The Backbeats
PLAY Come Back Linda Bob Alexander
PLAY Wonder Who Dotty Walters
PLAY Right After School Freddy & Claire
PLAY I Still Love Him Joys
PLAY Baby I Miss You Popsicles
PLAY Happy Teenage Times Melodeers
PLAY Walking To The Dance Marlin Greene
PLAY Teenage Years Ronny & The Daytonas
PLAY Vacation Time Brian Brent & The Cut-Outs
PLAY Yvonne Adam Taylor
PLAY Teenage Hall Of Fame Aztecs
PLAY Image Of Love Danny Denver
PLAY Little Angel Uniques
PLAY Queen Of The Angels Deane Hawley


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