PLAY I Never Had A Girl Like You Lee Overby & The Redtoppers
PLAY Say You Love Me Smokey Armen & The Schooners
PLAY Darling I Do Sebastion & Group
PLAY Foolish Lover Jimmy Tigg & The Rounders
PLAY Only Heaven Knows Richie Wallis
PLAY Insane Wade Jones & The Rayber Voices
PLAY Hello Teardrops Paul Anthony & Group
PLAY To Be Or Not To Be Buddy Gibson & The Jesters
PLAY Only You Gary Lee Fausz & The Savoys
PLAY I'll Wait Forever Shamans
PLAY The One I Love Colleen Kaye & The Secrets
PLAY Only Then Scott Brothers
PLAY Hoping For Your Return Savoys
PLAY Please Understand Saucers
PLAY You Oughta Try Denise Mills & The Satinettes
PLAY Forgive This Fool Fay Simmons & The Royals
PLAY Who Said I'd Miss You Ray Melton
PLAY Where You Used To Be Redwoods
PLAY Echoes Of November Rich Allen & The Ebonistics
PLAY Darling Darlin' Ricky Scott & Group
PLAY Over The Rainbow Danny Skeene & The Ricquettes
PLAY Sweet Surrender Bobby Page & The Riff Raffs
PLAY I'll Never Walk Alone Rivals
PLAY Dream Rogues
PLAY You Broke My Heart Richie Dickson & The Rosebuds
PLAY Hello Darling Saucers
PLAY With All My Heart Jimmy Jones & The Savoys
PLAY Jerry Royal Debs
PLAY Maybe Tomorrow Reflections
PLAY In My Heart Rebels
PLAY Just Outside Of Love Ricki Pal
PLAY And I Cried Ralph Jerome
PLAY I Was A Fool Roland Stone & Group
PLAY Is It Because Ronnie Baxter bb Chantels
PLAY Only One Scotty Wayne


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