Play 'Em All Bri


White Cliffs Of Dover Robins
Promises, Promises, Promises Penguins
Kiss And Make Up Arthur Lee Maye & Crowns
Stars In The Sky Chanters
Dina Marvin Nash & Chevelles
Oh Little Girl Jerry Evans & Off Keys
Baltimore Epics
Ring Chimes Dots
Love You Till The Day I Die Heartbreakers
Give Me A Chance Gleams
(Tell Me) How Was I To Know Guytones
Take My Love Corvells
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Reminiscents
Baby I'm Your Man Incredible Upsetters
Tic Tack Toe Stereos
Teresa Treble-Chords
No Spiedels
You And Your Fellow Lyrics
Round In Circles Donnie Marchand
Dingle Dangle Doll Ron Bennet & Group
Come On Back Ramblers
Knee Socks Ideals
Little Mary Untouchables
Baby, Baby Fairlanes
Delores Moodmakers


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