Astro FlaX


PLAY Darling Deb-Teens
PLAY Charles My Darling Elouise Brooks & The Dreamers
PLAY This Love Of Mine Extensions
PLAY I Know I'm Sure I'm In Love James Conwell & Group
PLAY A Diamond Is Forever Malcolm Dodds & Group
PLAY In My Younger Days Monarchs
PLAY Just One Of Those Things Tyrone & The Newports
PLAY What Makes Little Girls Cry Premiers
PLAY Please Believe I Love You Hi-Lites
PLAY My Dear Twin Tones
PLAY Margaret Billy Blank & The Chours
PLAY An Angel Like You Cruisers
PLAY On My Mind Darts
PLAY A Tear For Tommy Linda Lawrence & The Empires
PLAY Is It Right Castros
PLAY Darling Barbara Del-Brooks
PLAY Why Four Duchesses
PLAY Look At Me Uneeks
PLAY Only One Love Cuff Links
PLAY Johnny, Johnny Charmettes
PLAY Sandy Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters
PLAY Call On Me Elouise Brooks bb The Cue Tips
PLAY My Picture Of You Enchantones
PLAY Should I Ever Love Again Matadors
PLAY Bye Bye Pretty Baby Mello-Tone 3
PLAY Please Say You'll Be Mine Sunbeams
PLAY Come To Me Tonettes
PLAY Night Is Over Gems
PLAY Why Oh Why Charmettes
PLAY In This Whole World Centuries
PLAY Write Me A Letter Johnny Rebel & Group
PLAY Awaiting Love Pat Shannon & Group
PLAY Cherish My Love Glens
PLAY More & More Neil Stevens & Dee Vines
PLAY Love's A Gamble Bobby Hollister & The Rialtos




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